It’s February!

Did you see January just jump right past us?  Seems like yesterday was Christmas!  And now it’s February!  The month full of love.  This month, you will love your hair, and I am going to help you learn how.
By now, many of you have had the furnace on and running for 3-4 months.  In the car, at home, at work, even in the mall and grocery store have it blasting.  Does your skin feel dry, and cracked?  Is your hair standing straight out from your head with static?  MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE!  Drink plenty of water.  Treat your hair like something you want to love for the next 100 years!  You treat your hair well, and you won’t be upset you did.
During February I will be introducing you to the Paul Mitchell, Rare Marula Oil.  A brief introduction… Marula oil comes from the fruit of the marula tree in southern and eastern Africa.  It is brimming with powerful antioxidants, oleic acids and a high concentration of nutrients.  Only the first extraction from the cold-press process is used to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and oleic acids, the very ingredients that hydrate, replenish and protect hair and skin.  No solvents are used in during the processing to keep the the oil at its purest and highest quality as possible.  Wild-harvested in Africa, marula oil helps create a sustainable economy for women and their families.
Ok, so now we know what it is.  But what does it do?
RARE difference:
50% more protective antioxidents than argan oil
high concentration of nutrients and minerals
Ideal for dull, dry damaged, thick, coarse or unruly hair
Helps SEAL SPLIT ENDS with immediate results
The Rare Marula Oil products have time released MarulaSpheres that attach to the hair shift and break open every time you brush or touch your hair, releasing fresh bursts of marula throughout the day.  I usually explain it like little marula spaceships attaching to your hair, doing its job of healing your hair, then sending out more spaceships when you brush or run your hands thru your hair.
RARE Marula Shampoo is gentle and sulfate free (in addition to all the above mentioned greatness).  Your hair will be soft, hydrated and full of body.
RARE Marula Conditioner is intense hydration, instant detangling and feels soft and smooth.  It repairs the hairs surface for a shiny, flawless finish.
RARE Marula Masque is where your hair treatment comes to be.  It is everything I’ve mentioned above, only supercharged.
RARE Oil Treatment & Light Treatment is the actual oil.  1-3 drops (honest!) depending on your hair.  It is the extra pampering you give your hair and skin because you LOVE it and want it to look its best.
I have just seen in my Paul Mitchell news-you-can-use, products are being adding to the RARE Marula Oil family.  They are not here yet, but will be as soon as I can get them.
Now, we all know, everything in red I got right from the brilliant people at Paul Mitchell.  But, I have used, am using these products at Diamonds Salon.  Guests are amazed at how their hair looks and feels.  Many of you know me well enough to know, new products make me skeptical, and I wont encourage anything I don’t 200% believe in.  And in this case, write a whole blog about it.  But here we all are, still reading.  During Februray, I want you to LOVE your hair.  I want you experience a RARE Marula Oil Treatment.  You will need an extra 15-20 minutes for extra pampering added on to your service.  February ONLY this treatment will be 1/2 price at $10.00.  March it will go back to full price at $20.00.
Add some Sparkle & Shine to a dull February with a fantastic treatment.  It follows along our path of New Year, Re-New You!

Until next time, share your Sparkle & Shine with everyone you meet