New Year…New YOU

Did you make it through the holidays without getting frazzled?  Were you able to take time to enjoy the beauty in all that was around you?
But now you have the January Now What? going thru your mind.  Well friend, now its time for you!  Look in the mirror, say hello to the person starring back at you.  Now this is the important part.  Repeat after me…NOW IT’S TIME FOR SOME ME TIME!
Some places will try to get you to believe, New Year New You.  Why?  Whats wrong with the old you?  You are great just the way you are!  Maybe a little tired from Decembers hustle and bustle.  Diamonds Salon new years slogan is easy.  New Year, ReNew You!
The only thing that has really changed is the date, it renews its self every day.  What can I do to help you?  What do you need to renew and refresh?
You’d be surprised how much brighter your day can be with just 1/2 inch off the ends, or just a wash and blow dry style.  Want to take better care of your skin?  How about a new shade of lipstick?  Pedicure on a Wednesday afternoon, just because you want to…You go girl!!
These are just a few suggestions to renew you.  Take a little time for you everyday this year.   You work hard, you deserve it.  Even 5 minutes to meditate.
During the month of January, Diamonds Salon will be offering the TEA TREE EXPERIENCE.  What is it?  I’ll just tell you this… Plan for an extra 5 minutes of relaxing time.
  • I will be teaming up with Erin Whiting at Soleil Wellness.  We will each be offering wellness coupons for the other.  Check us both out!
    January 8 is Bubble Bath Day.
  • Every Wednesday is Wacky Wax Wednesday.  Free single facial feature wax.
  • Watch Facebook for tips and education… and fun
  • RENEW YOU 2016  Tell me this phrase when you reserve your appointment time, or when you come in for it.  I’ll have a little something for you.  (And, I’ll know who is reading my blog.)
Until next time…
Stay Beautiful, & show off your Sparkle and Shine!!