Time to FALL in love with your hair Diamonds Salon!

WOW! November already! 3 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving, 8 weeks until Christmas. This time of year we begin to think about all we are thankful for in our life. Among many others things, I am thankful to have found a spot in beautiful Bloomfield where I can share my love of hair with others. And, for the relationships I have formed from it.

The weather is getting colder, days are getting darker earlier, and the fall foliage is in full bloom. Yes, bloom! The leaves may be falling, but what magnificent color they have to drop. Rich reds, fiery coppers and golds. And yet they all blend to make a beautiful view. Doesn’t matter if you are in a low valley looking up, or the top of Bristol Mountain looking down, the colors are there to behold.
Comfort foods are also a big part of the season. Hot chocolate, caramel macchiato, gingerbread, pumpkin pie, I could go on.

What does this all have to do with hair? EVERYTHING! Nature, foods, they all have comforting colors to them. Those same comfort colors can be on your hair. As you begging to decorate and add a little here and a little there to the fireplace mantle, do the same to your personal mantle, or eye catching centerpiece. Low lights, high lights, placed in the perfect spot, give your hair an added pop of WOW!
“Baby, baby I’m worth it!” Song lyrics that my celebrity-rock-star hair dresser Robert Cromeans, sang, and had the song playing during his main stage show in Orlando. YOU are worth it. Life is not monochromatic, and your hair shouldn’t be either. Take the leap, walk in the leaves outside your comfort zone. Discover the beauty of a little Mexican hot chocolate with a side of pumpkin pie. We can still add some whipped cream!

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