Make Your Hair Sparkle and Shine

I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but I loved the cold summer we had! Many of you know I am not the heat and humidity kind of girl. I am usually the girl with no tan, standing in the corner closest to the air conditioning. 

Back in the day when it was cool, I was out tanning with baby oil and the boom box playing. Then in the tanning beds. But my tune has changed these days. Frying your skin with oil and then baking in a special light tube… not for me any more!

Instead, I opt for a sunless tanning lotion or accept the pasty-white skin. The best part of modern sunless tanners is you don’t turn orange anymore! I just happen to know Mary Kay has a wonderful sunless tanning lotion and day cream for your face with a respectable SPF. And for the sun goddesses, after sun skin care.

Now, let’s chat about your luscious locks. Right around this time of year, your hair can start looking a little drab, and for the swimmers, maybe a little green. Just think about all your hair has been through in the past four hot months… pulled back in a pony, chlorine, ocean water, lake water, sunshine, the list goes on. Well, my warm weathered friends, your S.O.S. call is being answered.

Stop in, call ahead. Let’s sit and have a consultation. They’re FREE, and you can get a cup of coffee to go with it. Before you know it, the holidays will be here. Let’s work together to get the Sparkle and Shine back in your hair.