It’ll Grow Back

One of the hardest things I have found in parenting my two boys is letting them make their own decisions and handing over the control I have had since they were born. Family, friends and strangers have all seen some huge fashion faux-pas leaving our house. I never realized a clip-on tie works with an Angry Birds tee shirt, but now I do, and so do his teachers and friends.

The newest control I had to let go of is his hair. Fifth grade was a big year at our house. DS1 (dear son #1) decided he was growing his hair out. To some, that may not sound like a big deal, but this hairdresser/mom likes little boys in brush cuts, fades, hi & tight, however you say it, it’s short. It’s been hard for me to not take that control back.

As a hairdresser, I have always told parents… it grows back… it can be cut shorter! Now I’m taking my own advice. This is only the beginning of him plowing his own path.

I hear kids all the time begging for blue/green/pink hair, only to hear no. And I get it, I do! I offer it to my kids, they say no. What would happen if next time they asked for blue hair, or to cut off all her long beautiful hair, and you said YES? You will still love him. She will still be your little girl. Remember what we tell them, “It’s what on the inside that matters most!”

There really isn’t a whole lot you can do to your hair that can’t be fixed. This next part is important! DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME. That isn’t something that only stunt people get to say! Take your child to a professional. We are trained. We are allowed to ‘play with chemicals.’ You wouldn’t let your child do a science experiment at home using chemicals you can’t pronounce right? Don’t let them play with hair color. It’s the same thing.

School is starting soon. There’ll be new clothes, notebooks, pencils, and everyone’s favorite: The Back to School Haircut. So, whether you stick with “the same as last time” or decide to walk on the Wild Side, your kids will be beautiful and unique in their own special way. Besides, no one has ever looked bad in a multi-colored, triple-spiked mohawk!

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